What does a pediatrician do?

Well-Child Visits

The cornerstone of child care!

Well-child visits are the foundation of excellent pediatric health. These routine exams help ensure your child stays healthy. One Family Pediatrics, in Cumming, Georgia, offers comprehensive well-child exams in a warm and welcoming treatment environment. If you’re searching for a personable pediatrician, call to book your child’s visit today!

Well Child Visits Q & A

What are well-child visits?

Well-child visits will likely form the bulk of your child’s interaction with their pediatrician. These routine exams allow the pediatrician to perform the screenings and preventive care necessary for your child at every stage of life.

Children who come to the practice as infants begin with newborn care visits. They then transition to well-child visits to continue the same level of care from a pediatrician they know and trust. Your child’s height, weight, and vital signs are assessed and added to their personal medical record at each visit.

This information provides an overview of how well your child’s body functions. It also makes detecting developmental delays and other common childhood problems easier.

Your child can receive any necessary vaccines during your visit. School physicals, sports physicals, and other specialized exams can also be performed during your visit.

Why bring my child to see the doctor if they aren’t sick?

Far too many parents wait until severe symptoms arise before getting their child to the pediatrician. This approach fails to take advantage of the many benefits of preventive health.

No one is at their best when injured or ill, including children. If your child only sees their doctor when an acute care need is present, they can come to associate doctor visits with negative experiences.

At One Family Pediatrics, every effort is made to ensure well-child visits are fun and exciting. When your child learns to associate medical visits with positive outcomes, they will be on a path toward a healthy adult lifestyle.

How frequently are well-child visits needed?

Once your child is around three years of age, they generally only need to come in for an annual well-child visit. If your little one experiences a chronic health issue or mental health challenge, they may need to come in more frequently.

One Family Pediatrics offers customized care for chronic conditions like asthma and allergies. Kids can also receive targeted, compassionate weight management treatment to help them reach a healthier weight, enjoy an energy boost, and make the most of each day.

The practice also offers mental and behavioral health care. Some kids need a little extra help, and their families can also benefit from the support and guidance of a highly-skilled pediatric care team.

During your initial visit, you’ll learn more about what to expect in terms of timing and your child’s unique medical needs. One Family Pediatrics is proud to be part of Reach Out and Read, a program that provides a free book to every child who comes in for a well-check visit from the age of six months on.

Begin the process today by calling and speaking with a friendly administrative staff member regarding appointment availability.

Newborn Care

We hold your hand through the entire process!

Few things are more exciting than welcoming a new baby into the family, but many new parents are anxious about ensuring their little one is as healthy as possible. One Family Pediatrics, offers excellent newborn care to families in and around Cumming, Georgia. When you’re ready to get started, call the office to schedule a visit or book online in just moments.

Newborn Care Q & A

What is newborn care?

Newborn care is medical care focused on ensuring that babies are healthy, happy, and reaching their developmental milestones as expected. These visits are essential to your infant’s overall health and wellness.

Working with a skilled and personable pediatrician is also a great way for parents to get the information needed to support their baby’s health during infancy. The first year of your baby’s life is an exciting time filled with milestones, and your pediatrician is here to help you make the most of this fleeting time.

Why is newborn care important?

Newborn care is your child’s entry point into preventive health. These visits center on assessing your baby’s development to ensure they are growing and blossoming in every way.

All data collected during newborn care visits are added to your baby’s medical record. Over time, this living document becomes an invaluable resource for tracking health and development. If areas of concern are detected, additional screening is available.

Newborn care visits are an integral part of your baby’s health, but they are also an opportunity for parents to get the guidance and support needed to create the best possible environment for their child. This is the setting where you can ask questions about sleep schedules, feeding options, babyproofing, and so much more.

Dr. Lavania is an international board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) and has undergone extensive training in all aspects of breastfeeding support.

What happens during newborn care visits?

Your pediatrician routinely checks your baby’s length, head circumference, and weight during each newborn care visit. Additional assessments might include:

  • Development
  • Belly
  • Eyes
  • Mouth and throat
  • Heartbeat
  • Joints
  • Skin
  • Genitals

The examination doesn’t take long. Every effort is made to keep your baby comfortable from start to finish.

If your child needs one or more vaccines during the visit, those shots are administered quickly. Your child’s pediatrician reviews their immunization record during each visit to ensure they stay on track to develop a strong immune system.

The best time to begin searching for a pediatrician is before you give birth. The practice also provides prenatal videos and free meet-and-greets with providers.

Call One Family Pediatrics today to schedule a consultation if you’re ready to start.

Other Services Offered

Comprehensive medical care!

  • Well-Child Care
  • Immunizations
  • Sick Child Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Sports Physicals
  • Preoperative evaluations
  • ADHD Management
  • Depression Management
  • Lactation Services
  • Nutrition Services
  • Breast pump rental
  • Asthma treatment and Spirometry
  • Telemedicine Services